Welcome to the Oxalis60 Interest check page! This is the page where you learn about this project and get to read up on the next steps of this project.

What this page does:

  • Stays up to date on recent developments
  • Allows you to give feedback to let us know what you'd like to see
  • Allows you to see the renders of the project to get an idea of the look
  • Allows you to understand where the project comes from
  • Allows you to contact us
  • Allows us to build the perfect keyboard for you.


About the keyboard

What makes this keyboard special? The design uses flex cuts on an integrated plate and a logo on the weight. 

What does this mean? Essentially "integrated plate" means that instead of having a plate (the part on which rest the switches) separated from the rest of the keyboard as a lot of these are made, the plate is included in the design of the rest of the keyboard.

Why? Integrated plate can be easy to manufacture and contain less pieces than other types of design. There is also another type of keyboard mounting style which is comprised of a minimal amount of pieces but typing feel can be less inconsistent and cheaper keyboards usually have this mounting style.

The keyboard is a 60% because the design is simple and elegant. 60% is a fairly popular size for keyboards but definitely not an end-all size for most people. An advantage of the 60% size is definitely the price. It is generally more affordable and finding keycaps that fit is also much easier, as well as costing less in switches.

The name comes from a plant more commonly known as Mountain woodsorrel. I like the flower quite a bit, so I named the keyboard after the flower’s genus. 60 comes from the fact that this is a 60% layout.

Google Forms (for your feedback)

These forms allow me to know how you want your keyboard to look like and what changes I should make.

English Form : https://forms.gle/QX3aZdDkJ7WfVJrn9

French Form : https://forms.gle/4z4NwB4Ta6coCfLq8


  • Date: May 26th 2021
  • What has been done:
    • Plate and Weight design done, waiting on more feedback
    • 3D printed a prototype to make sure everything aligns nicely. It does!
    • PCB went through a production review. It is now finished and needs to be sent for QC check from manufacturer.
    • Sent quotes to many manufacturers to see pricing.
    • Manufacturer has been sent the final files and are working on them now.
  • What’s next? Get an aluminum prototype made and order another PCB sample. Also waiting on more color options from feedback
  • What am I doing now? Looking at packaging options and some materials to be bought.

Sound Test of 3D printed Prototype

Obviously the sound will be different for the aluminum prototype, but am hopeful it will sound nice thanks to the flex cuts and dampening foam. Stay tuned!


  • Name: Oxalis60
  • ETA of GB: 4 - 6 weeks
  • Price: 230 USD
  • Colors: As per IC
  • Typing Angle: 7 Degrees
  • Mounting Type: flex-cut integrated 1.5mm plate
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • PCB: Custom 60% PCB from me with ESD protection, fuse, and LED to verify USB connection.
  • Layouts:

What’s Included?

  • Top Case/Plate: Aluminum
  • Bottom Case/Weight: Aluminum
  • Other: PCB, Rubber Feet, screws, dampening foam, more as per IC


  1. Get your feedback
  2. Get a new PCB sample for Quality Check
  3. Design a suitable box
  4. Get a metal prototype
  5. Start GB


Why should I trust you? I love the custom keyboard community and am dedicating a lot of time to make this work. I have not been a very vocal user but have been part of the community since at least 2015. Got my first mech (Anne Pro 2) in 2019 after reading all I could about cheap “kinda good” keyboards. During quarantine I was bored and looking at some more custom scene keyboards and my jaw dropped when I saw the prices where I live (Canada) for some entry-level keyboards. So I decided to create a PCB and 3D print a case (I’m using the board now!) and I’m pretty happy, but I want to bring this board to the entire community.

QMK and VIA? Yes! I have tested my prototype PCBs and they work with VIA and QMK.

Will this have RGB? No 

Hotswap? No, because there are different layouts

ISO? Yes!


Keep in mind this is an interest check. Nothing, including options, pricing, etc., is final until the GB starts.